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Salvation and spiritual growth

September 02, 2014

Please pray for Jeremy's , ninoska's, celestes, Jean maries, terrenaces, deanna, gina's, janet, angela, sabey, victor, abby's, matthew, Tiffani's, Philip's,Diego's, Frank's,Randy's,Dave, Javiar, The Leahy Family, The Zaffaraese Family, The Brown Family, The Serrano Family, The Solano Family's, The Wong Family, The Santiago Family, Caramello, Michael's, Joe,Charlie, Michael's, Michael's, Pedro's, Allison's, (and their family's) The Dalton family's, My family's, my neighbors,, friends, associates, teachers (former),acqantances and co-workers deliverance from the enemy and their salvation. Please pray for protection from the enemy, wisdom and discernemnt, that the LORD will supply all of our spiritual and material needs, and a deeper walk with the LORD for my mother, Allen, Kyle, Walter, and I. Please pray that Allen gets a job, that Walter and his family's spirtual and fininacial needs are met, and that Kyle, my mother , and myself (as well as Allen and walter) grow in grace and in knowledge of the LORD. please pray for Petey's, dorians, Noah's, leons, david, joes,kemos samuels, salvation/return to the LORD. Please pray that The LORD blesses me with a new job, my own place, and a Godly, Gorgeous, wise, christian wife.

8/31 Birthday and special request...

August 31, 2014

For what ever reason I have been smoking for the last three months, today is my Bday and promised God to stop. Please unite with me to get this short term smoking out of my system today on my bday. This morning I was feeling like the nicotine was calling out even though it was a short time the body craves it, now its mid morning and feeling better, coughing but still feel a ting of wanting one. Fervent prayer for deliverance of this and all on this day that the LordGod choose for me as a birthday.

Luke 1:37

August 31, 2014

Please pray that I have a deeper walk with the Lord jesus Christ and that I grow in grace and knowledge of Him. Please pray that The LORD protects me from enemies seen an unseen and that He uses me for his glory and conforms me unto the Holy image of the Lord Jesus Christ and that He removes anyone or anything that would hinder my walk with Him from my life. Please pray that I am able to get a new job, my own place, and that He blesses me with a Godly, wise, gorgeous, christian wife. Please pray for the Dalton, Leahy, Rosario, Solano, Brown, Arce, Santiago, Wong, Hollenberg, Perez Colon, Bran, Tam, Zaffarese, Wallis, Colimon, Tolan, White,Santiago, Tackas, Thurston, Ortiz, Guevara, Meeting, Robledo, Ramos, Manzano,Garcia, Santiago, Lessig, Lonegan, Abbot, families, Jeremy and his family's salvation as well as my family's, my neighbors, and my co-workers salvation. Please pray also for the salvation of the world and that the LORD keeps, protects, provides, and directs Angel, daniel,Kyle, and allen on their walk with Him. Please pray against every scheme of the Enemy on the planet and that The LORD's will be done on earth, in the church, and in my life as it is in heaven. Please pray that the LORD helps me to Love and to forgive all people and not to bear any grudges. Also please pray that The LORD provides for Walter and his family's needs both spiritual and material. Please also pray that Walter and I become friends again. Please pray for the return of all the backsliders on the planet (please pray for Petey's, Andre's, Luis's, Tracy's, Dorian's return to the LORD). Please pray for Mende's, Kemo's Michael's, Joe, Chris, Charlie, Joe, Michael's Gorgui's, Anatasia'a, Warnell's, Ruben's, Carmello's, Shayla's, Robert's, Anthony's, Ross's, Pedro's, Mary's, Carlo's, and everyone that attends EST salvation). Please pray against everywork of the enemy in my home and life and please pray that the LORD call me to be a pastor after His own heart. Thanks and God bless you.

Praying for financial miracle and breakthrough

August 31, 2014

Please pray for me, I need an urgent financial miracle and also please pray that Benson, Joeline, Ivan, SF, AY will stop calling, stressing and threatening me. I need miracles. Thanks

Deliverance and Salvation

August 30, 2014

Please pray for Jeremy's and his family's deliverance from the enemy and for their salvation. Please pray for their repentance toward God and Faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ.

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