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My Daughter.....

August 29, 2015

We raised her Catholic, but the point is as my late father once said..."As long as you believe in Jesus as your personal savior, it doesn't matter where you go to church." He was right. My girl was raised in the faith by her paternal grandparents, my widowed mother, and myself, to be a believer, and she claims to be. However, she has been living with what we call her "surrogate father", who lives in an apartment I used to live in...nearby. [She's back living in her place in college at the moment.] Down the block, up the lane. He is not a believer. He prayed upon her mind since she was 11. I had to let it go due to I felt, but I too, was being pulled the wrong way. I should've just took her away and left...but being codependent, I just could not bear the lonelies. By the by, she gained this "friend" who was bisexual...and you see where this is going. Today, my girl is trying to claim that she is a believer in Jesus, but it's okay to feel feelings for the opposite gender ...and possibly act on them. I called her last night, and from college, in her apartment, she was playing an online dating game, and another girl was keeping her company. My girl is 21. She is in the state where she believes she's right and everyone else is wrong. It's gonna be about 4 years...yeah, I get it. It doesn't make it any easier. So, Mom and I have set up to phone, every Wed. night...pray for my daughter. Dad once told me when he was here with us that..."We have to be good soldiers daughter. Sometimes, we do things because we have to ...not because we want to." I miss him so much that it brings me tears in spite of my strong willed self. I feel that this is a phase, and my recently winning boss agrees about that. She says to be mellow, pray, and give it time. I am never the more grateful for her, and my coworkers. Hmm. The internet is actually behind the radio? ...Interesting. I would be grateful for your help in asking Jesus to cover her mind and heal anything ill, demonic wise, and chase out the thinking that causes this "Sodom and Gomorrah" reaction. Folks, if you have kids still in high school...time to watch! Give what strength and wisdom you can right now, cause once they're out...they are out...and we cannot go back. Help me pray that my believing daughter is strong enough to stay by Jesus the Light...the Truth. She claims that she can back homosexuality with the Bible. I cannot combat that without the Power of the Miracles Jesus allows us to have because He loves us so much! If He did not forgive...Heaven would be empty. Think about that. I pray for all of you every day. Thank you my friends and family.

Once lost but now found

August 28, 2015

I want to thank everyone who have kept my family and myself in their prayers. I would like to ask the continuance of prayers towards my family and myself. Especially ask for prayers for my husband who is serving some hard time in jail for a bad choice in life . Through the mess we would have never received the message. I am thankful for that. It just makes it very difficult . Please pray for strength and courage for my husband. Please help us pray for financial help.

Tired, stress, & need help losing weight

August 28, 2015

Please pray that I can over come this stress, get rest, & begin losing weight!


August 28, 2015

Please let me find a job to help with the bills of a family


August 28, 2015

Please pray for my daughter, she hit a dark time last year and broke things off with a great boyfriend. She is better now and is trying to work things out with him but he is hesitant. Please pray that he sees the changes on her and give her a chance.

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