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Needed prayer request

May 02, 2015

I am up for my probation halftime period and have worked very hard to keep on a staright road.I have done everything above and beyond to show my willigness to move forward.I was young and dumb and made some stupied mistakes and have been paying for them since.I have ask the Lord for forgivness and pray that they will grant me my freedom again.Everybody makes mistakes and suffer certain ways,I believe this was a sign from the Lord and he has put me back on the correct path.I ask if you could please pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of the court system to see that i am truely sorry and pray that they will accept my early release letter.Thank you to all who dont judge and understand that we all have problems and do sumb things.I have learned my lesson and have been trying to do good ever since.God bless and Amen!!


May 02, 2015

my husband wants a divorce.... I don't please pray...

hysterectomy decision

May 01, 2015

For guidance and wisdom to know if I should get a hysterectomy or not. I am 37 yrs. old & my doctor suggested it for my issues. Thank you and God bless you!

Strong Blessings of god upon me forever permanently at all times.

April 30, 2015

Dear Beloved, Please pray that all of my problems to be solved with the permanent solutions which are favorable to me with out any disturbances for me forever permanently at all times & ages and please pray for the strong favor of god upon me and all of my losses to be restored as infinity times more benefits to me forever permanently at all times and make all my sins in to virtues for me forever permanently at all times . Yours loving brother, Kiran.

Huge prayer

April 29, 2015

I am asking for a huge prayer that will help me get my life back.Please if you could help pray with me.thank you all,GOD bless and Amen!!

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