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Cheating to stop. I want him back,

September 15, 2012

Please pray with me, this is my night prayer and I ask you to pray with me that my guy will open communication with me and be honest and open with me, that he respects me and cherishes me. That he greatly loves me and knows he is perfect for me, happy with me, will make me happy, please pray he will be with me and look after me. Please pray he will come to me to be honest with me. Pray we trust and understand one another. I just want him in my arms to be honest with me and to be with me, I just want to talk to him please God... I am pleading with you to talk to him and help him and please have us talk, get closer together and be one in Your name. Also please remove her from our lives, help him Lord please. Just help her let go of him and leave us alone and stop controlling him telling him what to do, help him know how to deal with it, be strong, confident and secure in Your name, get him out of that relationship as it's basically cheating on me.

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